"Bare Bones" Game Counter


This is a Player Clock for the Legends of Arcanis Role Playing Game (paradigmconcepts.com/legends-o…).

The Actions of the game move on a “Clock” 1 to 12 ticks system. Actions have a “Tick” cost according to their complexity. Some actions have a “Strain” modifier and others have a “Recovery” modifier. All actions fall in line with the Game Master’s “Master Clock” which is the clock by which all player clocks are tied to.

This is the “Bare Bones” model of a line of game action counters I’m designing where all actions are tracked on one ring of the clock using different colored markers for each modifier (3 Primary Action Types/Modifiers total - Action, Strain & Recovery).

The markers are magnetic and hold fast to the position you place them in on the clock, making it easy to track your actions and modifiers.

All artwork is mine (Save the Font of the numbers which is the Chiller Font) and done in Inkscape.


Very cool! I like anything that involves magnets!




Thank you.

The magnets are in the “Push Pins” and they are attached to 1/8" bearings that are press fit into the wood (Cut size hole of 0.12 in)




Yeah, that’s a pretty neat game counter! :sunglasses:



Thank you Sir



Close! :smile::wink: