Barely Used GlowForge Pro

$2,500 (really!)

Pick up in NYC because even though it’s in its original box I don’t want anything to go wrong in shipping. Please read for more info.

Moving and I have a barely used GlowForge in its original box and a fairly large amount of GlowForge Proof grade materials for sale.

I will provide the serial number so you can confirm this GlowForge was purchased by me. I spent $6,027 with tax originally. We just didn’t use it and our creative business went in a different direction.

I genuinely want someone to get this that needs to expand their business, or to establish one and money may be in the way. If I’m going to let it go for $2,500 I want to know it helped somebody who is really motivated in their business, or aspirations.

Or maybe it’s just a good deal for you ;). Either way, I hope this GlowForge gets a new home so I can move :slight_smile: and free up my space.



Sounds like a great deal for someone in your area!


I agree :)). I just hope the right person sees it.


That’s super nice of you. Definitely puts credits in the karma bank :slight_smile:


That’s so nice of your to say. Thank you :smiling_face:


Hey Jeannine! I sent you a PM, we are located in Southern Maine but will drive down to NYC for a local pick up!

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Hi - just want to make sure you saw my response :slightly_smiling_face:

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