Barrel box with internal floating shelf

My son (10 years old) designed this box as a present for one of his teachers at school. It’s a “barrel box” with a little floating shelf inside, which raises and lowers when you open and close the lid.

The whole thing was designed in Fusion 360, which included modeling all of the different parts, hinges, joints, etc. to ensure the movement would be right.

The slats on the side of the box ended up being somewhat flimsy on their own, so inside the box are several ribs mounted to the slats for strength.

Underneath the internal shelf are four little 3D printed pieces which hold the screws to the underside of the shelf.

Fun build!


Ten year olds are definitely getting smarter! :smile:
Great design!


My hat off to your son - and to you for encouraging him - that is one outstanding design he can be very pleased with and be proud of.

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That kid is going places, believe me. North America needs more like that. Thanks for showing this!


10? Omigosh…very impressive. You both should be very proud.


Fantastic!!! He did an amazing job! The box has such a unique shape, and that makes it even more special.

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I’m pretty sure I could pick my nose at 10, that’s about it lol

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That is so awesome! Very smart and creative kid!

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Terrific design. You better stay sharp because you have some serious competition for the Glowforge in your son.

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Wow, that kid has some awesome design-fu! Very nice indeed.

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nice! Love the floating shelf!