Basic not powering on


I use my glowforge rarely.
Bought 10/2015, received 2/2018, (out of warranty)

Several months ago i noticed that when i powered on, the lights flickered, and then once it just didn’t go on, i flipped the switch a couple of times and it worked. That happened a few times.

Today, it’s not powering on at all.

I’ve checked the plug, i’ve swapped out the power cable and i’ve spent to long searching for folks with similar issue.

I’m hoping with every fiber of my being that it is something that can be a home fix. (Yeah i have the box but what a giant pain in the ass.)

Anyone else? What is most likely the cause?

I’m in Portland, Oregon. If i have to ship it can i just drive it?

Thank you!

I think I returned mine to Texas, so it might be a little bit of a drive, definitely a safer drive then from Hawaii.

The outlet that you use doesn’t have a GFI, fuse correct? Other things work from that outlet?

Nice excuse for a summer self-isolating road trip?


Yep, tested a vacuum with that plug, swapped out the power cable that is confirmed working.

Fingers crossed that something is ajar,

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Time to dust off that box…

I’m truy not sure i’d be comfy with that roadtrip anytime soon! (Sigh)

Just drive straight thru! :joy:


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Not in my cards, sadly. My goals are way harder, try to get this laser fixed without breaking a sweat or shedding any tears.

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That’s be a layup. I do endurance motorcycle riding and can do 1500 miles in 24hrs. A coast to coast (NYC to SF) is a 50hr ride. Haven’t done the C2C2C (NYC to SF to NYC in 100 hrs). I’m too old for that.

Drives my wife nuts but wasting an overnight in a hotel drives me nuts.

I’m heading to NC next week (or maybe the week after - my daughter is waiting on word about her new job start date). We’ll drive down Saturday, move her into her new apartment Sunday and she’ll be starting on the Monday. It’s an 11hr drive so pretty easy but not likely to be able to get her all moved in Saturday night.

Trying to decide on flying back or doing a one-way car rental.

Just glad she found a decent job during Covid. A month earlier and we wouldn’t have had to move her back home so we could turn around and move back. :man_shrugging:


Travel is lovely but on this thread, i’d really be grateful if we can be laser focused.

Anyone out there with any similar issue? Laser not powering on? Laser not turning on?

Anyone with any ideas as to what would be the most common causes for a laser not to power on?

Anyone with any cost associated with this sort of fix?

What about fix this issue at home?

Many thanks


The machine will almost certainly require being shipped in for repair. This is not something you can repair at home.

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending that this one be repaired. I see that you’ve already emailed us about this, so I’ve sent you a response there to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.