Basic - Overheating within minutes on every cut

I have two GF beside each other, one has been constantly overheating for a week now, the other is perfectly fine, so I know its not the inside temp. I can’t deal with anything over 70 myself so I keep it cool. They both have identical set ups, with the cloudline inline fan, vented through a 6" hose to the outside.

Everyone mentions pointing a fan at intake vents in the front right of the machine. I see no vents - anyone got a picture they can point them out cause I’m starting to feel crazy.

Doing a 20 minute cut now and it’s so far stopped 3 times.

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The intake vents are underneath the right side. If you have it up against a wall on the right, it might not be getting enough air flow.

When you change things up by adding an inline fan, it’s more difficult to figure out what the issue is (it adds another variable.). Take the hose off and check that the grid behind the internal exhaust fan is not clogged up. If it is - brush and vacuum it clean. Check the inline fan as well. If everything is clean and functioning, it might be a temperature sensor. Support might be able to see that from the logs. (Be sure to let them know the time and date of the last run that had trouble, and specifically the machine name if you have two, so they pull the right logs.)


Thanks… so the vents are on the back right not the front right? and underneath - you’d think having them under the machine might not be helpful? Its far from a wall - about 3 feet. After opening it up its much hotter in there than the other machine.

I have a little fan I can point up at the vents if I hang that part off the table its on… seems a daft design. I’ll give the honeycomb another clear out and see what happens.

No, it’s actually underneath on the right. You want to make sure there is nothing on the table next to the machine on the right side. (Three feet from a wall is plenty, just make sure there’s nothing blocking the intake on the right side. A sheet of paper can get sucked up in there easily.)

One thing that people did have success with was raising it up on a couple of runners…setting it on a couple of 2" x 4" runners. If you look under the right side, you will see the black feet that it currently sits on. They run the length of the machine.

Is your exhaust fan running at the same time as the inline fan?


No I turn the exhaust off as you are suppose to. I’ve got plenty of boards here, I’ll try raising it up.

Just to clarify @jules’s excellent advice, the intake vents are here (neither front or back)



Just lifted it up on boards… we’ll see how this goes.

Lifting up on the boards worked a charm - didn’t stop once while cutting acrylic for 20 minutes. Thanks!


You have one fan per machine?

If not, that could be an issue, as you are effectively halving the capacity of the fan by splitting it between two machines.

But if you ever set paper beside the unit, be cautious as it’s easy for a piece to get pulled up against the intake vents–been there, done that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So worth occasionally checking the vents (easy to just do by feel) to make sure nothing blocking them.


Separate fans.
Nothing can fit on the table beside the machine, it fits exactly.

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Thanks for the help @jules.

@nomadicgraphics423 I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!

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