Basic project "how to" question

I bought a file on Etsy and had everything cut using medium draft board and am just wondering how it all fits together…? I see many files like this that have multiple pieces and layers and am a bit confused as to how they all go together. This one, for example, has many tiny parts that were cut out separately like the insides of the letters ‘O’, ‘P’, ‘D’, etc… Am I to individually insert these teensie little pieces somehow, or did I have incorrect settings when cutting the project…? Many projects seem to have a backer board of a different wood or stain color. Do you guys just figure it out on your own or is there some info out there for pointers?

If there is a tutorial on how these things are typically done I’d love to see it but I don’t even know what to search for honestly! Thanks for any help!!


That photo looks like the backer board is engraved and “celebrations” is just glued on top.
Did your Etsy file come with the backer?

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I’d ask the seller for tips. They are likely the best person to help since they designed the file. But as mentioned above, a lot of people score or engrave the backer so they know where to put all the little bits and so everything stays aligned.

Edited: totally misread the previous comment, but I still recommend asking the seller.

This is not a Problems and Support issue. I will move it.

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The “celebrations” is a separate piece that is laying on top of the backer piece. “Family” is engraved into the backer piece along with the months.

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