Basketweave Easter bunny 2; I closed all the cut lines, hopefully this one will work out ok Score lavender, cut the red

new rattan bunny


It has 3 colors.

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And this:


Thanks for the share!!


On my computer, these colors are appearing as black and two different shades of red. But it seems pretty clear that I would assume that it’s score black, cut both shades of red. :slight_smile: It’s cute!


thank you, you are right, I probably hit the wrong shade of red


Actually having the outside cuts a different colour is a bonus - it means you can set the interior to cut first while everything is held in place and then the exterior last to free it :slight_smile:


I like the inside to cut first before the outside.

So once again working with scrap - I made one of these, and since it gives you a bonus 2nd bunny (from the inside of the outline, I cut two supports from your first pattern :slight_smile:

I’ve been planting these bunnies in my friend’s yards and seeing how long it takes for them to notice :slight_smile:


Ha ha…a look at ‘still life’…bunnies and banana. Would love to hear about what your friends say…


oh how funny, what a neat idea… thank you for sharing your picture

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It took the first group until the next day to notice, but then they brought it up in front of the 2nd household - so they knew to look :slight_smile: All 3 bunnies are still in their yards so I figure that’s a good sign!


Do they know it was you? Now, you need to make many, many little tiny ones to put out in the yards near the others…secretly, of course. You know how they multiply… :smile:

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I’m the only hands-on maker in that particular circle of friends, so once they were spotted they knew it was me :slight_smile: I have ideas about continuing the spring-inspired things appearing randomly, but whether the idea comes to fruition…we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m new to all of this. Can someone tell my why my saved svg files are black and I can’t see the actual design unless I look at wireframe?

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I don’t know why it happens, but it happens to me a lot when I download from the web (not from here generally so…who knows) but it’s an easy fix - select all, and change the colour of the fill and the stroke.

Sometimes they come with background boxes, so ungrouping and removing that helps too. I think the background box is a “feature” when the stroke is white so it shows up.

I did cut good and I love them so much. I resaved the file so I’ll see how it opens now. Thank you

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