Basswood - Help w/ settings?

I’ve searched and searched, but haven’t been able to find settings for cutting and engraving 3/32” basswood. Trying again here, hoping someone else has used it!

P.S. Before someone says it, I don’t have enough material to sacrifice with tests. :upside_down_face: So fingers crossed someone has already figured out settings. TIA!

I haven’t cut it before but you’re only 1/32 away from 1/8 so if it were me i would use the pg settings for medium basswood. Since it’s not quite as thick, it should easily cut through… see if others have done it:-) Good luck!


This makes sense ~ thanks for the recommendation.

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Are you sure? A material test takes just a small strip of the piece. Check out #6:

If you’ve already seen that and don’t even have that much to spare… hmm good luck :slight_smile:

And maybe 2 cuts? Just make sure it is masked well.

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