Bastion figurine


This guy should be familiar to anyone who has played Overwatch (video game). I found these plans on Thingiverse and knew I had to make it with the Glowforge. After lots of glue and an equal about of patience, my Bastion figurine came to life!


Most impressive!


I’m not familiar with the game, but that’s mighty cool! :grinning:


Very neat!


I don’t play the game, but I’m pretty sure I have collected that same pattern on thingiverse.


Wow, looks just great! Now I have another project to do :smile:


Huh. Was expecting this. Still, cool.




Thanks so much for pointing me at it. I made one this past week-end too.

I made it out of 1/4in baltic birch instead of 1/8in material, so it would be bigger. I’m happy with how it turned out.

Figuring out how to assemble it was a challenge though. There were also 2 missing parts in the design for one of the arms (which I figured out were the same as the other arm, so I was able to cut duplicates from the other arm).

I put in a quarter for scale (it’s Canadian, but it’s the same size as an American quarter).





pretty cool figure :slight_smile: Turned out nice.