BatEarSavers for Anyone Working with Kids; Also Fun

Since folks are experimenting with other material thickness for EarSavers, I offer the following modified design. Obvious in hindsight.

It’s been tested on a 2 hour hilly bike ride without issues, but no guarantees.

Black for traditional, although purple or red also now canon.

Illustrator and PDF files for 1up and for 11up on 5"x10" stock: (208.9 KB) (124.2 KB)

BatEarSavers.pdf (203.0 KB) BatEarSavers5x10.pdf (124.1 KB)


Have you tried using it? It looks like the ears and tail could be painful and dig into your head if the mask is tight…

Given covid’s relationship to bats I could see some folk getting put off, but unless bald I doubt there would be such issues, but if dealing with children I doubt they would be thinking that way

I was worried about the pointy parts too but they are inside the level of the curvy arms so I don’t think they can make contact without the curvy arms really digging into your head. I’ve tried it with a really tight mask and I can’t feel the points at all.

My test pilot went for a two hour bike ride on hilly streets wearing it with an
ear mask and said it was great.

Good question.


Thank you for sharing.

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Love it!

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