Battery Holder - Revision 1

Made this last week, and thought I’d update y’all with revision #1

The big problems with the previous design were :

  1. batteries were tough to get out of the bottom of the holder

  2. I had cut ‘waves’ in the back of the holder to guide batteries in and keep them compact, but they really just plugged things up.

So, after some re-work and rethinking of the really complicated parts, I think revision 1 is a huge improvement. The original on the left, revision 1 on the right.

The new version is shallower by 3/8", but taller by about 1 1/2". They both hold 12 batteries, but the new design is significantly easier to access, and the weight of the batteries above gives a satisfying snap when you pull out one.

They’re both designed to attach to a metal storage solution I used to build my workspace. The holes are 1 1/2" apart, so designging the back hooks is by far the most complicated part.

You want the hooks to sit in the middle, but you also want the back to be one piece, hence the ‘spine’ look of the back. It’s a little fidgety to glue, but functions just as well as the first one.

I’m also really happy with the look of the front, it reminds me of an NES cartridge. The venting in the front let’s you see how many batteries are in storage.

Anyway, thanks for looking! Was a fun quarantine project to work on.


Improvements are always welcome.


I love it! It’s just the thing I have been looking for. Any chance of getting (or purchasing) the file? I would also love to see scaled options for 18650 and AAA batteries.

Welcome to the forum.

In general, forum rules are that we not ask one another for files - even to purchase. If a designer wishes to share a file, it is in the Free Laser Design section. If a designer wishes to sell a file there is a link to their store. You may wish to message the original poster, however to see if they want to share it.

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My apologies! I will behave myself better, now that I’m aware.

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Worry not, each and every one of us has done it once.


You know, I’ve seen all these battery dispensers and thought, “Great, but where would I put it?”
I have that exact shelf. I need this in my life now. Good job and good thinkin!


Thanks! I want to put together a few other battery sizes, then I might try and sell them in the future. Message me if you’re interested.