Beamer is Alive

Well here on GLOWFriday… Beemer was picked up from the UPS depot.

Holy smokes. one corner on the box dinged. it did have yellow tape noting the fact that it was over 70 pounds.

All 4 Handles intact. I know… wonders never cease rigtht?

it is set up in the Living Room right at the moment so I couldn’t just run it all crazy. :slight_smile:

I did the key chain and founder’s Ruler. it is just AWESOME. I am such a happy guy tonight.

I want to set up an engrave tomorrow.

night all


Congrats! Enjoy tomorrow! :grinning:

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:heart_eyes: congratulations on your new bundle of joy!! Cant wait to see what you create! Get your sleep now, cause you may not get anymore for awhile…lmao


Hey, that’s great. You’ll have so much fun!


Excellent. You waited patiently for this, revel in it! :tada:

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Still only made two things so far. dad gummit. weather got nice so we had to do outdoor decorations.

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Yeah, have to take advantage of the good temperatures. Around here anyway.

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Only a small amount of outdoor stuff remains.

didn’t even get to turn Beamer on today. :frowning:

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whooo! very happy for ya!

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