Beamer's new "home"

well OK it isn’t really a new home. :slight_smile: more like a new place to sit. got this cart at Menard’s 24"x40"




I was feeling bad that I got Beamer over 2 years ago and have barely used him. now I finally got the chance to dump the way too large table, I lucked into this cart. I was so happy. the drawers are huge. so hopefully I will get to make up for lost time soon.


Note if you plan to store materials in those drawers, assuming they’re anything like most tool carts - they aren’t flat to begin with and will sag under moderate weight, such as just a few sheets of wood.

If you’re cycling thru material at a fairly decent rate, it might not be an issue. You can also just flip the sheets every now and then.

Learned this with balsa and other lightweight wood back in my RC modeling days.


Oooooh! Ahhhh! Nice!

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Hope it gives you incentive to make more use of your Glowforge. It looks great!

I pushed down on the center of the drawer. it did not move much at all. this sucker is rated for 1200 pounds of tools.

However, I will certainly keep that advice in mind because perfectly flat means perfectly flat :slight_smile:

It’s easy enough to check when you place a sheet on the bed. If they aren’t bowing, then no worries! Just something to watch for.

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If the first sheet in every drawer is 1/2" plywood that problem should disappear and the possibility of something staining the bottom piece also vanishes

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That was going to be my suggestion, but we don’t all have excess construction materials laying around… :smiley: Mine happen to lay on 3/4" MDF…

well this cabinet is rated for 1200 pounds of stuff. I pushed down on the drawers and there is very little give.

so i’m not overly worried that 8 pcs of wood are going to bow.

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