Beautiful detail on tile!

I used one of my daughter’s engagement photos to see how detailed it would laser onto the tile. Wow, I’m amazed as is everyone I’ve shown it to! I manual engraved at 600, full power, and did this image at 450 LPI, at .29" material thickness.

I ran a Staz-On Timber Brown permanent inkpad over and wiped extra off with paper towel. No elbow grease needed! I know these will be a popular item to make… :slight_smile:


Love it. Very well done!


Did you modify the picture before engraving? Very beautiful work by the way.


Yes, it really came out nice!


Yes, used GIMP to make black and white and adjusted it. TY

A gorgeous photo … And engraved beautifully!

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Oh, very sweet! :grinning:

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Is that a lasertile or normal tile? I so want to do tile engravings but the costs of lasertiles scare me.

Wow! Great detail!

This was just a typical 4“ x 4” white ceramic tile from Home Depot that I paid $.11! I believe they may have 6” x 6” ones also. Heading back there today to buy a whole lot more since people are interested in having some done now. :slightly_smiling_face:

They’re great tiles and a nice alternative to LaserTile. They cost me 16 cents (you’ve got a deal :slightly_smiling_face:) but that’s still a lot cheaper than getting LTs shipped. Helps it’s coming on a truck full of other stuff for HD.

It does engrave instead of fusing the glaze coating so the oil markers are a good thing to keep water out (I’d probably not use them in the shower) but you can get way more colors than just the LT black. They turn out really well.

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That’s what I used but mine came through as a black blob.