Beautiful Mechanism: Tranforming Gear Heart


Wow–this mechanism is so lovely. It starts as a heart, and has to go through multiple cycles of transformations before it becomes one again. Transforming Heart


Wow! That was something else! It’s probably a metaphor for something…


It certainly feels like metaphorical.__


I 3D Printed one of these once…

Video evidence of the statement above :-p


Beautiful. I love the color!


My daughter wants one immediately. Great find! How does he get the core to stay stationary while the top and bottom rotate?


You can find the 3D printer part files here:

and it looks like there is a link to get one commercially printed if you don’t have a 3D printer.


I worked with Haruki on distributing this project, I was never able to convert the files for laser cutting though. :frowning:
Then the 3D printer guys adopted it, I think he still feels a bit left out to this day.