Bed focus change error?

This Error is one I have found that might be a software thing or might be some new issue popping up with my machine.

I have had such bad luck with my laser going out of focus from piece to piece that I have started to export all of my templates with a test star on them so that I can use it as a proof cut (before I start the big cut).
Here are my concerns and what I have found.

So first off, I have the Pro version. I have also build low profile clamps into the bed tray to ensure I can hold my plywood down to remove any warping.
I only use the front of the feed thru on the pro. I just feed it in the front, shoot out what I need and then snap it off at the snap-line cut I also add to my templates. (You know, just feeding the beast.)

OK, so now that you know my set up, also know that I have to regularly clean the lens to ensure that the focus height issue I am about to explain isn’t caused by the cameras. (we clean the lid lens every few cuts or after every engraving. (so super clean). and the machine may get a few full cleanings a day if things get crazy.

So now onto the bug/error/issue:
I have a piece of wood in the bed, measured by caliper to be 0.205".
(this wood, cuts cleanly and has no issues on a normal basis.)

so I fire off my TEST STAR cut… and Bammm. perfect cut.
I can see thru the glass that the piece is cut thru and thru.
so I go back to the computer and send up the rest of the cut… using the exact same preset cut as the star.
And no joke, it shoots a FAT line that doesn’t make it thru the board (3-4x thicker than the test cut). I freak out a little; cancel the cut; move the template if needed because of the fat line mess; close the lid (but never ever move the wood). fire again on the big project and this time I get perfect lines.

Every setting is exactly the same, but the 2nd fire is WAY off (line width).
The only way I have found to fix this issue is to open the lid and fully reset the cut.
Even then, I about losing about 30% of my starting cuts to the fat line issue, for no reason.
Today’s Example, the machine started out this morning with a full cleaning.
The wood is measured and good to go. The bed clean and is good to go. The cameras are good. The wifi is good. Everything is good. Everything is exactly the same as last night settings… Bamm! Fat line. I skipped the star check this morning hoping it would be good enough to just go with a clean start after being powered up and so on. but nope.

Any ideas? Does anyone else have this issue?

Thanx for your time in advance.


When you clean the camera lens, are you also cleaning the mirror in the left side of the GF? I’m not sure (actually I’m totally guessing!), but it seems like if it’s partially clouded over your laser line might be “fat” if it’s hitting a dirty part of the mirror.

Here’s a complete list of things that need wiping, along with the camera lens:

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Yep. The only one I don’t check every time is the one in the head.

Oh yeah, and that can’t be it any way. First test shot is perfect and is only about a 1 inch star shape. Not enough smoke produced at all.
This fat line issue is a focusing thing in the system. It is not hardware as far as I can tell since I can get a clean line, and usually have a clean line. The fat line seems to have e something to do with a memory or reset after a cut. Something that is cleaned after the lid is opened. (Opening and closing the lid with no adjustments, makes it all work right after the fat line happens)

Thanks for sharing all the details about this issue. I’m sorry for the delay in our reply, but I believe a feature that we introduced since you posted should help with this. It looks like the prints that produced the “fat line” were using a defocused beam. Set Focus can be used to make sure this doesn’t happen. You can read about Set Focus here. Could you please try using this feature, and let me know if the problem still occurs?


It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email