Bed image blank.white

I see a few people have had these issue but the conversations is locked hopefully someone can help.
I’ve turned off the glowforge and back on, quit my browser and even tried a new browser. nothing seems to help. the bed image is a white canvas. no flashing like some others have said.

According to what I can glean from reading past posts about this, it is often a local issue with the browser. The issue has resolved spontaneously for users without Glowforge intervention. My only suggestion is to clear the browser cache and/or try different browsers. Sometimes things I see when using Firefox are not there when I switch to Chrome.


Hey Matt!

Sorry to hear this. I actually just came across this issue on my own Glowforge earlier this week. Here are some of the steps I took.

  1. Clear your cache and cookies. You can find instructions here: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  2. After doing this, please press Ctrl + Shift + R (Mac: Cmd + Shift + R) on
  3. Sign in, and let us know if the issue still occurs

I’ll keep this forum post open for a while in case you need anything else in the meantime.

Hey. I did all of those steps and still seeing a blank screen. :frowning:

Matt Truiano

Hey Matt,

Sorry to hear that, I’ll continue to investigate with the team and we will follow up through email shortly.

Hi Matt! I just sent you an email to continue troubleshooting this since the browser suggestions were not able to help resolve this. I’ll keep this thread open to make sure you receive my email, and will look forward to your response on that thread. Thanks!

Hello Matt!

Thank you for working with me via email. After checking to see that your Glowforge worked in a guest account
I see we resolved this issue by having you reset your browser settings and restart your computer.

Since everything is resolved now, I will close this forum post.