Bed image, graphic size auto-changing

My Plus keeps changing the camera image and graphic size alignment. As an example, I had my bed image of a cardboard sheet with circles I had traced the size of my wood rounds in pen. Using the circle tool, I map out the exact size of each circle and placed each one over the bed image to create a template. If I refresh my bed image, or if it auto-focuses, the circles no longer line up like they did. Some even changed their size. Everything has shifted to one side or the other. I can NEVER assume that what I see in my screen is actually how it will all line up. I’ve had to start an hour worth of work over because everything looked lined up but my cuts or engrave end up being way off.

Hopefully this all makes sense. Does anyone else experience this?

You need to use the set focus tool before placing your design. You can use the set focus repeatedly until you are ready to print. When the set focus tool is used, auto focus is not necessary, and nothing will change when you hit print. The lid camera has a fisheye lens and is not as precise as using a jig or the placement tool.


If you are trying to cut out cardboard circles that are the same size as your wood circles, you will get a better result if you use a design program instead of tracing.

The Glowforge does let you get away with a lot with image tracing, but it’s crude compared to what you can do with a design app… Which will also be faster. I could probably have sent a sheet of circles to my Glowforge in the time it took to write this post, so if this method is unfamiliar to you, check it out!


Thanks! I was really trying to utilize whatever tools are available before switching between two programs if at all possible. I will try setting the focus at the start. If this doesn’t work I guess I’ll be doing my work in Illustrator and then moving everything over. So much for short-cuts. :smile:

This must also be why I have a difficult time with the brightness. Unless I’m working with a material that is very light in color, the lens picks up very little detail and it’s incredibly difficult to see if I’m placing my art in the correct spot.

When I am working with something hard to see with the built-in LEDs I lay one of these on the glass facing down.


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