Bed Image Not refreshing, stuck uploading

I believe I jinxed myself today.

I was reading other’s frustrations with this or that, and then had mentioned that I hadn’t had any issues with my machine for a month or so, and then it hit. Anyway, I went to flip a print over today, and then noticed that the typical clicking sound (not sure if this is actually typical, but it is with my machine) after finishing a print didn’t occur, and that the button didn’t pulse. I shrugged it off and flipped my print over for a second go. The bed image wouldn’t refresh, so I opened the lid, and then noticed that my camera was flashing off and on again until it stopped - probably did it 3 or more times before stopping, and this was with the lid open. Initially, before opening the lid, it was stuck on the cooldown stage for at least a few minutes, when it had said “ready” but no image, that’s when I opened the lid. Again, shrugged it off and went to print. When hitting the manual bed image refresh, it will scan for a while and then eventually go back to ready, but the bed image will still be a blurry image of whatever the very first picture (not actually updating at all from after a print) was. Eventually it will go back to saying that it’s ready, regardless of the bed image not updating, so I hit print - this is where the endless “uploading” happens. The “scanning your material” screen will pop up, but nothing happens. Deciding that maybe if I can get another tab open to the I would be able to force it into refreshing, I tried reloading my design, but it was just getting me back to the ready screen with the bed image being blurry.

Slightly frustrating, but I was willing to let the prints I had in the machine be wasted (alignment needed to be 100% where it was), so I went ahead, logged out of my browser (Firefox), held the button until it glowed teal, shut the machine down, unplugged it, moved the head to beneath the logo and tried again. I couldn’t get it to work, and I had to get going to my job, so before leaving the house I left the machine unplugged, reset my internet connection (this has helped in the past), and headed off. Came back and the machine awoke and the startup process was mostly normal with only it taking a little longer than normal but it also made the clicking noise that it usually saves until after a print before calibrating.

From here I was able to do a single print and it worked like normal. The clicking and the pulsing button I’ve grown accustomed to took at least a minute longer to do after this print, but I wasn’t going to open the lid until I heard it. Watched my screen to see if it was ever going to refresh the bed and it didn’t with it going through the same thing as before - ready, but no refresh and if I hit the print button it remains uploading forever.

Here’s a picture to demonstrate what it looks like when it’s ready.

and a picture of what my bed looks like currently

Obviously they do not match, and I’ve moved my print file over to show that there is a difference. Anyway, I’m beginning to believe that there may be an issue with my camera. I’ve tried everything that I know to do, and I’m just looking for some help, so if you all have any suggestions outside of what I’ve tried, I’m all ears!

Update: It not refuses to calibrate, but I’ll have to wait to see what it does in the morning after being off all night just to be sure that it wants to stay this way…

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There was something going on yesterday. I spent the entire afternoon cutting and noticed a lot of time scanning and calibrating. I just kind of ignored that and setup the next job, and the machine kept catching up right on time.

My camera is much better than before lately, it’s every reading the labels regularly now on PG materials!

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I’m having the same problem exactly. I have been waiting and have turned the glowforge off and on again a few times. Something is wrong- it’s very slow to calibrate, won’t load the bed image, and after I click “print” it sits for a long time doing nothing, saying “uploading”. Help??

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Mine has finally resolved itself, so I’m guessing it has to do with the cloud and the software. I left it unplugged all night and when I came back this morning it was working normally. I’m a full supporter of this product, but it’s days like yesterday that make me a little worrisome. I know this is the beta period, but dang, without any warning it sucks being left in the dark.

There should be a place here on the forum that says when there is a known bug or any updates that are being pushed out, that way we can go straight there and see if there is something going on in one handy location. I legitimately thought I had a faulty camera and was going to have to send my machine back in…this is why it would be so nice to have someone monitoring issues and posting about it. I work at a bank, and we receive emails when there’s anything going on, and then another email when the issue has been resolved, even when it has nothing to do with our branch.

So I’m not saying we should get spammed with emails, but just like the monthly updates, there should be some open communication between staff and the community. Not only would this allow us to be more comfortable when an issue does arise because we would know where to look first, but there would be one thread that we could discuss what we’ve done to help, or at least be acknowledged that a problem is going on.

You and I both have had the same issue, and I’m willing to bet that there are others that have these issues. I’m beginning to learn that if after a day my problem is still there, then I should check the forums, but again, having a section of the forum dedicated to staff posting known errors would be helpful.


True. The way it is, it’s not something I’d want to base a business on where reliability of my capability to accomplish a job is important. Right now there’s a fair amount of “won’t work”, “works with a lot of finagling, logging on & off, dancing in the moonlight with a rubber chicken, etc” or “something’s wrong & let’s burn a lot of troubleshooting with our files” and “working fine”.

The latter is more the norm than not, but the occasions any or all of the rest occurs means there’s always a chance we’re going to fire it up and it won’t work as needed/expected.

The nature of the cloud software approach really makes it critical that we know if they’re doing something. I’d also argue for a defined maintenance window - e.g. 2-3am Sundays or even daily so we could avoid the times when they might be mucking about with software.

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They shouldn’t be mucking about with production software at any time on a live system. How often do Google roll out a version of Gmail that doesn’t work?

They need to rapidly turn in a profession software company with proper management of the cloud server, or give up with the crazy cloud approach.


@raymondking32 I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.

Thanks for letting us know about this and for your suggestions!