Before the Forge

Here are some of the things I had made before i got the Glowforge. All cut by hand with a scrollsaw. Hope you all enjoy.! Here is a Facebook link to these 3D name towers I would make. I didnt know what else to call them.



Those are great! (Particularly like the horse plaques!) :grinning:

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I presume the ones with all the engraved design are made with the Glowforge? If not I am wondering how you did it?

This is pretty amazing scroll saw work! I’ll bet things go a little faster now with the laser, eh?


Wonderful scroll work, awaiting your creations via the :glowforge:

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all the ones on this post was before the forge. These are all stained wood pieces I have made.

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Some stuff feels like it takes longer with the forge but it free’s up my time lol. Kinda like having a Rumba lmao

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Good analogy!

I’ve got a Roomba but I don’t use it any more since we got the two longhair cats. It snarls up completely in one circuit of the room.


My hair screwed up my Roomba long before the dogs and cats could. :wink: