Behaving strangely

Long time user - used it without issue constantly throughout my last semester of art school just a month ago.

Today I just wanted to cut some 2.5x3.5 rectangles out of mdf because my partner is on a work call and the tablesaw is directly beneath his office. No big deal.

Make a rectangle in illustrator, export as svg, load it up. First issue is
Screenshot 2024-05-29 111539

Bizarre. Okay. Next issue is that I can’t set the material height. Refresh refresh refresh. Either is appears as “auto” or is greyed out at 0in and I can’t touch it.

Screw it, I’ll try auto. Never have before but okay. Go downstairs to cut it and suddenly Glowforge is doing two passes on a single line. Not cool. There’s no double path in illustrator, I checked.

I would have gone to the discord chat thing but that’s also an error.
(Screenshot of it yelling at me that my email it’s asking for is already used. No shit, it’s me, I’m trying to verify like it’s asking me to.)

and then I can’t even get it another way
(Screenshot of it telling me the Glowforge invitation no longer exists)

On top of all this, I just realised that the cut MDF isn’t even the correct size as the file. Good grief.

What’s going on guys. I’ve always been frustrated with alignment issues on the Glowforge but I have yet to run into something like this over something such a tiny task. PS, also super cool that “new users” can only embed three images. Been a member since the beginning.

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Sorry to hear about the frustrating experience. Not sure about the other stuff, but I’d be willing to bet almost anything that the double cut is an issue with the file. I know you checked, and as an art student with a laser cutter, you probably know your way around this software quite well. But at the risk of sounding like HAL 9000, we’ve seen a lot of duplicate cuts before, and they’ve always been attributable to the file.

I think the alignment changed thing is some kind of new, confusing, and ignorable warning. And entering the height is rarely necessary with autofocus (and always best to “set focus” before placing your design).

So the major problem here is that it’s double-cutting. If you don’t mind sharing your file here, this community is really good at troubleshooting things like that. There are a lot of different ways to inadvertently create such a thing.


To add to what @chris1 said

  1. Illustrator did an update that turned “responsive” back on, and buried it under like 3 clicks into the menu. If you can’t find it to turn it off, ask here and someone who uses it will answer.

  2. You can add manual heights in the cut command, just click manual and enter. The grey out happens when it’s already scanned it. There’s a way to get it to let go, but going into the command is faster and easier when you only have one step.

  3. If Discord is saying that email has already been used then you need to log in, not verify. If, after you’ve logged in, you don’t see the Glowforge forum as accessible there are instructions on there to link your account.

Welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to make use :slight_smile: The new user thing goes away after a very few posts.


Is your stroke set to center in Illustrator? GFUI will interpret anything else as a double cut.