Behavior when using Ignore

So I’ve been doing a lot of cuts (prints?) that require accurate placement and have learned the camera is just not precise enough (even after GF fixed a problem for me). So I have gotten in the habit of drawing a rectangle around my part, the size of the piece of stock I’ll be using, and cutting that out of a piece of cardboard, in to which I then drop the stock I will subsequently cut.

To do this, I have to set the layers that contain the project itself so only the outer box is enabled, cut and remove the blank, insert the stock, and then disable the outer box and reenable the project graphics.

Pretty standard so far, right?

My laser cutter is in my basement. My CAD workstation is upstairs, in my home office. I have a small laptop in the basement that I use for stuff when I’m working on something down there. This is the computer I’ve been using to run my GF.

I learned early on that the GF app does not seem to like it if you have it open on more than one computer at the same time. So I’ve been using Remote Desktop to get to the laptop in the basement. I upload my files from there, do all the setup for the cut, and only head downstairs to do the actual button pressing.

This is where my problem occurs. I set up all the layers in my file for what I want them to do. In some cases I’m using uncertified materials and custom settings. But when I set a layer to Ignore, when I reenable it the previous custom settings are gone and the control has reset to its defaults. So I end up having to go through all my settings again, standing in front of the laptop on my workbench instead of sitting upstairs in my comfy chair.

Can GF make it so that if you set a custom layer to Ignore, the settings are retained when you subsequently reenable the layer?


Hear hear!!!yes it would be really nice if with more than one window open that both could operate together. I have less far to go but have to use a power chair to do it. The tablet I use as alternative I have to start from scratch and is very clumsy in some areas (no arrow keys or CTL etc)

Keeping previous settings going back and forth over ignore are also problems.

This, this, a thousand times this. Please have ignore remember the ignored settings! Changing it to a toggle (like the “eye” for layers in Photoshop would be amazing.


I totally agree that toggling “Ignore” should retain your custom settings.

Wasn’t there a period where the settings were saved? Maybe I’m dreaming. I’ve gotten in the habit of dragging items off to the edge, but toggling ignore should be easier.


Yep! This really bothers me too. I kept wasting time having to re-enter settings more than once. I’ve adjusted my process so that I don’t change the settings until I’m ready to cut each color. I’d much rather do it all up front when I load the whole design, especially when I have lots of different settings to manage.

There are lots of other UI suggestions that I hope will be included in future update(s).


Yes when a layer is put on ignore it is also still there. This is sometimes useful but often ( especially with big engraves) gets in the way.

If the side images would light up when over the design part as the design part lights up (sometimes) when you are over that layer, if ignore and hide we’re buttons above that would show up (a light for ignore, and leave the speed and zaps alone) and proofgrade also a light it would be a far more useful GFUI! There is no need so spell out ignore or proofgrade.

Thank you for all the feedback! I’ve shared it with the team.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please post a new topic.

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