Being Serenaded by my Glowforge

I must say is a glorious thing.

it does get tiresome to listen to. but HOLY SMOKES I am so THANKFUL to finally get to listen to it!!!

it will be great for it to be upstairs in the office in the new house next month. In the living room is rather a bother.

no TV while it is running

BTW, I am using at the moment a modified Jules Ginger Peep, and some scrap SanderPly that I found in the garage left over from the Murphy Bed Dad and I built a couple of years ago. I have tweeked the settings so that the engrave takes out most of the first ply.

really slick.


You might be the first one to engrave @jules!?



everybody is a comedian.

I guess I should have taken my ass out for a walk too. :slight_smile:


No, no … I’ve got that tattoo … . :wink:


Rats just spent an hour waiting on 6 little ginger peep field hockey players to complete.

Apparently the scrap wood I was using was slightly curved, and it didn’t cut through.

i’m going to slow it down and do 2 passes. GRRRRRR

It is tough being a newbie



The thickness changed when I was altering the settings. :frowning:

.210 changed to .125

no wonder.

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Naw man, I revel in it! Such adventure had been long missing from my life. And now, with the fundamentals of design down, I can make s*it happen! Empowering it is. :sunglasses:


One thing is certain, it is an amazing machine. I feel so bad for the folk that either don’t have their yet or it arrived broken. :frowning:


I know, I have had that feeling - approaching guilt for 7 months now. I felt conflicted posting stuff, some people enjoy seeing them, but for others it’s like a slap in the face.

As someone who had to watch others create for a long time, seeing their designs kept me going. When somebody waiting expresses concern about whether they will get a machine that is good enough even with its beta software, the fabulous items shown here can probably sway their decisions to the plus.


I agree, intimidation aside from artistic ability, it is great to see the things people make.

Daughter double prime is still going through tutorials on Inkscape.

And certainly those items dropped the grumbling in my house by 1%. LOL

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Try getting some small powerful magnets to put on the corners of your material. I bought a few kinds and they are pretty good at flattening at least 1/8" BB.

I actually have some already. I will give them a shot!