Belt Came Loose While Printing

The belt on my Glowforge Pro came loose while printing. I didn’t notice right away and it was stuck for a while. It seems that the black roller where the belt rolls broke. Is this something a lot of you have dealt with? What am I supposed to do? Is my machine going to have problems now?
I sent an email for support, but I was reading that if I post here is faster?
I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you!

Sending email to support is the right call. The other advice is stale: they used to provide support here but, no longer monitor the forum.


You just beed a new pulley wheel. It’s in the store - Pulley Wheel – Glowforge Shop

If the machine is under warranty, they will likely provide the replacement at no cost to you.


This seems correct but be aware that not all the wheels in the machine are user serviceable. I’d wait to hear from support to be sure.

I had a damaged gantry wheel and they made me get a refurbed machine. It drove me nuts.


Pulley wheels are completely serviceable by any Glowforge operator. You’ll need the replacement wheel, available on the spare parts page, and a 3mm Allen wrench to remove the screw holding the wheel in place.

The only concern that I will relay is that the Glowforge pulley wheels have a history of failing in this manner. I purchase them by the dozen, reselling them at a slight markup but with much lower shipping costs than Glowforge, and have experienced as much as a 30% failure rate on shipments received. The plastic wheel portion splits, either from too close a tolerance and stress resulting from the bearings being pressed into the wheel, or instability in the plastic itself.


You can wait for support to respond, or to save time and get you machine running quicker, you can order one here.

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