Belt Tensioning?

I noticed that on my :glowforge:, the left side belt seems to have a little more slack than the right side. It may have been like this all along, but I noticed it today while cutting something. Honestly I doubt it is causing any problems, but there have been times when I did really fast cuts or scores and they were a little sloppy. I’m wondering if the tension is the culprit.

I came across this thread which seems to have some information on tensioning the belt, which I plan on trying. I plan to make it visibly as tight as the right hand side, which doesn’t appear to have much slack. Just wondering if anyone else has ran into this before. I know on 3d printers, it is a bit more of an art than a science to getting belts at the right tension (I have a CR-10 as one of my printers, and you try to get a good “bass note” which is the guidance for tightening it).

Well that was super easy… Used an m3 hex driver and it tightened right up. Wondering if I should pull it apart and put some loctite on.


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