Besides Laser Watching

Oh! Yay, I’m still fast at something! :laughing:

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I play “Garbage Can Jenga”… there’s 'bout a foot of scraps over the brim but laser cut-offs have a funny way of somehow interlocking and holding themselves together so they don’t topple over.


I’d be working on a window insert that I could attach a dryer vent & the hose to :sunglasses:


Yes. This. I’m using plywood right now.

A cigar, some bourbon, and a book on my kindle will keep me fine for an hour or so while watching the forge out of the corner of my eye. A glass of unsweet tea along side the bourbon, and I’ll have to get up to use the loo at least every half hour… :slight_smile: (I stay very hydrated with water / unsweet tea!).

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