Bespoke rifles


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Without getting into the whole guns are good or bad debate, I’m just posting this incredible video of the craftsmanship. Bespoke rifles out of England’s Holland and Holland . Hand tooling as much as possible it seemed. And the patient hand etching of the metal work is perfect.


So totally not going to let my husband see that! :smirk:


Those are shotguns not rifles but yes, the workmanship!


No problem, it make a great Christmas gift for him. Do you have some equity in your house you can take out? A refund on the GF too…(blasphemy!) :grinning: - Rich


Chuckle! Ain’t gonna happen. He’s already got guns. (He may not have my Glowie to buy another one.)


“You will have to pry my :glowforge: from my cold dead hands!” - Jules


“So, how did she become a widow?”



I could stand another gun but I bet my wallet couldn’t.


Prices for the pre-owned vary from $18,000 to over $200,000, with the majority of the pre-owned not priced until inquiry. Amazingly precise work. I hadn’t ever seen the method of using flame soot for the hand scraping.


If anyone ever comes to NYC, you should check out the Beretta store on Madison Ave, 80-something Street. They have shotguns for sale on display that are over $100,000. Beautiful stuff!!


I love the word ‘bespoke.’ It’s so much fancier-sounding than custom or made-to-order.


Details details… After the lead inserts itself into you, you tend to care less about the nouns.


Clip from forgotten weapons old school 4 bore. Sold over 250k. I can’t listen to sound because I’m at work(gun videos might make people nervous ) but I think it’s the same company.


Re-read this 3 times until I realized it said “inquiry” not “injury” :skull_crossbones:


ROFL! Your way’s funnier! :smile:


A couple of years ago, a coworker of mine decided to build a match grade 1911 pistol. He said that it was an exercise in filing, filing, filing, and filing to fit, with lots of specialty tooling thrown in. It was also an eye opener from an engineering perspective on manufacturing tolerances.

Commercially manufactured firearms, due to the requirement of having to have interchangeable parts, have relatively loose fitting tolerances. When you build a match grade gun, you start from all parts in maximum material condition and file them to fit.

The other area where the human touch still reign supreme is engine building for sports cars:


That’s totally not in the spirit if the season, @Jules :slight_smile: I vote for him being able to see it!


Noooooooooooo! :grin: