Best approach outdoor weatherproofed sign?

Ok great thank you for all the good information. Much appreciated!

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Check Amazon for a slate cheese tray. I’ve gotten bed sized ones although I did just do an engraved cheese & cracker tray thing with them.


Whereas I don’t have a lot of experience in things that people bring up here — I do know how to solder and used to teach it to the public at events that our Makerspace participated in. If you end up needing to solder, check online for makerspace (or sometimes called hackerspaces—original name before makerspace became the name during the maker movement) in your area. If you have troubles finding one, reach out to me and I’ll see if we can help. They most likely would be willing to show how to solder, and how you can fix any mistakes if you have one. I originally learned how at a Makerfaire years ago and I was so excited to learn this that I bought enough little kits that when I got back to the Makerspace in my town — I soldered for 6 hours straight and was pushing out little projects right and left (don’t recommend that in a row as neck and upper shoulders really start hurting; but it was so much fun --shut up shoulders). :laughing:


Thank you! As i get time, i will check this out.