Best Inkscape video tutorials I've come across to date

These are not :glowforge: specific but are the best I’ve seen to date.

@Jules, you may well want to add them to the matrix

23 short lessons.


I’m not seeing a link Mark…

The connection between YouTube and the forum is being stubborn. Do you see the video? If so, start it and then click “YouTube” that will take you to the whole series.

Nope! It’s a big blank white space for me, and I’ve refreshed…maybe just copy the link and paste it using the little chain thing…then i can follow it.

Inkscape video tutorials

And this is why you are the queen of the forums…


Okay, I’ll link those in the overview area. :sunglasses::+1:


Thank you for sharing, this was a major help!!

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Here’s some old school Inkscape tutorials that I downloaded over a decade ago to learn the program.

The basics are the same, but more geared for graphics. This should help with getting to know how the interface works. Just keep in mind that some things may have changed.