Best of luck on the final day

Glowforge Team,

I just wanted to congratulate all of you on what’s happened to this point… and what I believe will be an incredible finish tomorrow (Friday, Oct 23). I believe I got in on Day 2 (maybe Day 3) and it’s been fun reading the Q&As, watching videos, and following links posted by other supporters (especially the Pinterest pages).

I’ve been anxiously waiting for a sub $2000 laser cutter/engraver for some time now. I’ve watched as CNC and 3D printers dropped in price as more and more competitors came on board and began producing their own versions. I believe we’ll be seeing this over the next year, but Glowforge is definitely the company that lit the fuse with the Everyman software demos. I look forward to seeing how the Glowforge develops over time, and I imagine at this point with the funding where it is that more innovations are in store for your company. This has been the best time to be a maker, IMO, and I’m already planning a summer camp where I’ll integrate the GF into a maker’s camp where kids can get hands-on with 3DP, CNC, and now… laser cutter.

Again, best of luck with the funding wrap-up tomorrow, and thank you for spreading the contagious “I can’t wait to get mine” feeling.



Good vibes seem to be working so far!

Yes well done Dan & team! It’s been epic and great to be a part of it. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with GF 2.0.