Best of luck!

Sadly and reluctantly cancelling for now due to the way my taxes versus depreciation works. With the money in escrow its making things convoluted with the accounting. I know Dan is going to ship a great product, and I’ll eventually be ordering again I’m sure.


Sorry to hear that Rich. (I understand tax implications though…had to quit designing because of it.)

(One last thought though…the discount we got for pre-ordering is a pretty big chunk of change to have to abandon- did you factor that into your calculations?)

Good luck and hope to see you back soon.


Well the final decision was because our local manufacturing space has a Amada Pulsar 4000W Laser that I’ll have access to. Talk about overkill, but even at $65/hr for use time it will do for now.

But there are still quite a few things that glowforge can do so much simpler than that behemoth.


hate to see you go, hopefully you can make your way back to this crazy town soon! and 4KW, sweet :smile:

Always hate to see anyone cancel.
Here’s a little something to tide you over.

Hope to see you here again soon. Sad to see people leaving after such a positive update this month.
Totally get why though.:slight_smile:


Will that do anything other than metal? (steel)

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I don’t know yet. This place RCBI has so much stuff that I’m in no way qualified to touch yet that I don’t even know all of the capabilities. They even have full color 3d printing, and 3d metal printing capabilities. 3d printed titanium anyone? A 3 Axis rotary cutter with a bed size of 10x20x16.

Honestly I’m as excited by the prospect of training as much as I am by the equipment. I have no need of the industrial equipment, but learning from folks who build stuff for NASA? Now that is exciting.


Oh man, as a pre-release recipient, I can honestly say that if you can manage in any way possible to keep your order alive, then do so; I doubt you will regret it…


Ask them to buy your spot! Then you can still have access to a glowforge. Win-win, they get a great deal on a glowforge and you get “discounted rate” access to it.


Sorry it came to this for you, Rich. Hope your alternate plan works out.

Too bad! :worried: Wish you better luck rich.