Best Place To Sell My GF Pro?

I would like to sell my GF Pro but Craig’s List hasn’t been fruitful. Any suggestions? I live in Portland, Oregon.

This is a good place. There’s probably a few that’ll be interested.

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Here. Ebay.

I checked Portland CL (curious what you were asking), couldn’t find it by searching for “glowforge” or “laser cutter” or (ugh) “laser printer”. If the listing’s still up, maybe searchability is the problem.

Sorry to hear you’re selling; hope it’s for positive reasons. My buddy lives in Portland and i’ve been talking up GF for a while. I’ll ping him. Never know…

Good luck

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So sad to hear, whatever you do make sure it finds a good home.

I’m interested.

I’m near Reno. Interested. Jim

Sorry, I let the ad expire since I was busy and tired of dealing with the scam emailers. Here is the link to my ad.

I am open to a good honest offer. I’m not sure how I would deal with shipping and obviously something would need to be done to protect both parties.