Best Practices? Design help? New Category?

Thanks for the suggestion! For now, if you need help with a design, post it on “Free Laser Designs”. If you need abstract help (‘where’s the ABC button?’) this category is a fine place for it.


I thought about that too. I was going to use the pegs for keys, but opted for a hook instead. I wanted more space for decoration and engraving.

Oh man, that thing is awesome! I’ve seen a few different designs for these on Pinterest and been considering making one at some point but I really like the simplicity of the one you’ve designed!

What I found lacking was support for apple watch’s nightime mode. All the designs I saw were for vertical display. Once I get up to speed I hope to have variations.

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For some reason I read this as “Apple watch’s nightmare mode”. I believe that’s what the Glowforge team has set theirs as.


Every pic or video I’ve received from an Apple product has been the wrong perspective! And you want it to be correct on your watch? Sorry, no disrespect, but if they can’t get it right on anything else, why would they the watch?

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They call it nightstand mode.

I am talking about the orientation of the watch and combo holders. Most of the ones I have seen are homemade and have the watch displayed vertically which won’t show the time in the horizontal or nightstand mode.

One I release post the finished file you are welcome to remove or place the watch holder from the design.