Best practices - file set up?

I’m still learning were to find the some of the great info on the forum. Could some kind soul please point me to any information on best practices / limitations for setting up my files. Specifically information on file sizes, complexity, resolution, etc. Set up for cutting seems pretty straight forward, but GFUI seems to choke easily on engraves.

Thanks in advance!

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This one might help:


Thanks @Jules. What about for bitmaps/engraves? Seems to me there are two main factors - the size/resolution of your bitmap file and then what the GFUI does with it. The first part I get, the second is a little mysterious. I’m guessing that the GFUI is taking your bitmap and converting it to a pattern. The LPI dictates how much information it is sending back to the GF (and seems to be where it errors out)

Does anyone have a ball-park-rule-of-thumb for size of image vs. LPI tolerances? currently the only thing I know to do is keep dropping the LPI until it successfully processes the file.


This one too…just put it up:


Hmmm, not the kind of workaround I like, but I’ll try it in a pinch. Thanks again @Jules for the pointers


The total time for the job needs to be less than a little over 3 hours. So it depends on the area of the engrave, the LPI and the speed.