Best process for accurate alignment

i have some little spoons i want to put names on. i’ve tried cutting the shape out of cardboard and placing it there but the name changes and i have to move it. I have recalibrated my machine and when i print the target, the target is shifted. Is there something i can do to repeatedly get good results. i have been using low power and printing before using ceremark…a lot of wasted time.
Thanks for any help you can give!

The text part of your file and the cut line for the cardboard spoon outline should be in the same file (a jig). Perhaps prepare all of the names in the file as well as the one that you center within the spoon cut out. Upload the file to your Dashboard. Secure your cardboard and run only the outline cut line part of the file. Remove the cardboard spoon that you just cut out. Insert the actual spoon in the cutout area. Ignore the cut line of the file and engrave the name. Before doing this you will want to drag all of the other names off of the usable area. Assuming the spoon turned out the way you like, remove that spoon without disturbing the cardboard and place a new spoon in the cutout. Drag off the first name, drag on the next name and once again engrave.

Additionally, are you using the set focus tool before placing your name text, and are you making sure that the red focus beam is landing squarely on the spoon in the area that you are going to engrave?


Thanks @dklgood. I did cut the outline out and put in the text. My issue is that i have to change the names. I did try using the same text so maybe if i do them all at the same time like you suggest i can make it work better. Since my cutout doesn’t ‘exactly’ match my spoon, there is a tiny bit of play but not much that could make the difference as well.
I started using the set focus but it requires me to do it again with each cut i do so i finally just measured the spoon and entered the values.

If you get a really great result, note down the coordinates of the text center from the alignment tool. Then always place the names with the center of the name at those coordinates. You are really close to getting great results, I can feel it.

This is true. Anytime you open the lid it loses the set focus.

I do it similarly to how dklgood said to do it. However what I do differently is I stack all the names on top of each other in my design program in position how I want them to engrave on the spoon. I make each name a different color in the design program. When brought into the GF gui each name will have its own box on the left side. After cutting out the cardboard outline and inserting the spoon, I will ignore the outline cut and insert engrave settings for the name I want having all the other names ignored. Works great. You never have to move anything around on the screen and everything will engrave perfectly aligned. You don’t have to set focus or change anything in between spoons. Just insert the next set of spoons and engrave.

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Thanks for the ideas. Writing down the coordinates of the good results makes sense @dklgood! Thanks @wilsonpf. If this doesn’t work, i will give your idea a try!

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