Best resource to learn 3D designing

I’ve been learning Adobe Illustrator to design 2D files for my GF, and now I’m interested in learning how to design 3D but I have no clue where to start. Does anyone know of any good online videos or courses that would be good for a beginner. I eventually want to learn how to make structures for small pets like in the photo attached.


I would mess with tinkercad to begin with and move to fusion360. Youtube is chock full of tutorial videos for both. As is skillshare and udemy though you obviously have to pay for those services.


You don’t need to learn anything more, 3D is nothing more than 2D with depth added. If you want to get an idea of what you need to do different, look at a cardboard box, or at least think of your designs as if they were exploded onto a cardboard box or any other cube shape, then you’ll find it much easier to ‘see’ how things like slots, tabs, and finger joints need to be placed in order to provide the correct assembly method and oprientation.


I guess I just don’t have your brain. I own a lovely 3D printer for which I can design nothing. It has never been used. SVG I get. Whatever those take…forget it.

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I think that the trick to getting a handle on creating STL files has a lot to do with the software used, and how intuitive it is, most aren’t. I’ve been using Autodesk software for well over twenty years, Autocad and Autosketch mainly, to design in 2D (architectural and mechanical blueprints) but when it came to 3D design, I didn’t like Fusion360 as much as I thought I should, same makers, way different feel though. However, I did like another Autodesk software called 123Design. It’s a great introduction to 3D design , fully capable, and very intuitive. Maybe give that a try.


I like how you ‘strongly disagree’ with what I said, then issue a follow-up argument that has nothing to do with designing a project that will be processed flat (2D) and assembled into a 3D item. :slight_smile:

Sorry to upset you. I removed my opinion.

Play nice. Don’t MAKE me come up there with the belt. :rofl:


You didn’t upset me, and you shouldn’t have removed it.

Chris’s comments were valid.

You don’t need to learn a 3D design app to make something as simple as that.

I’ve made dozens of laser-cut 3D objects and never had to resort to Fusion or similar. (I do use those apps for 3D models for my 3D printer, however…)

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One thing I have learned from my significant other is that I can always be relied on to make the wrong decision.

Did you not choose her to be your significant other? Seems like a paradox.


Thanks, I will. Nothing about Fusion 360 felt intuitive to me at all.

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Once you figure out that you sketch things on faces… then manipulate those sketches from those faces… it’ll click. It just takes a while for the 3D to drop into place in your brain. :slight_smile:

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