Best way to make a tutorial, on my PC

Hey Gang,

I figured if anybody had some insight on this question it would be somebody banging around in here.

I need to record a “training” video for my daughters on how to operate my Stock Screening Workbook(s).

so it needs to show the pc screen so they can follow along with what to enter where,
and so on.

I don’t need to be seen, like some of those guys do with Fusion360, for example

they just need to be able to follow along with the cursor to know where to enter the symbols.

and how to follow along with the MACROS to select and when

and how to repair links etc. to all of the external functions I have added.

Thoughts? suggestions?


What kind of computer are you using?

I have PC’s

desktop and laptop

one of the excel addins I use isn’t available on the MAC platform, so even using my daughter’s temporarily won’t work.

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Unfortunately, I only know how to use the built-in screen recording features on macOS. I’m sure Windows has something similar and someone who has experience with this will be along shortly. Or you could do a web search for windows screen recording, but I’d be careful with random third-party apps. I seems to remember there was a bit of a scandal not too long ago where some popular screenshot thing turned out to be spyware.

Best to get a recommendation from someone who knows what’s legit. You could absolutely do it with OBS, but that seems massively overcomplicated to me.

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Ooh - I can actually help with this one :slight_smile: There’s a thing for Windows called ScreenRec. It allows you to draw a box around the area of the screen you want to record (so if you want 2 programs to show, or just a section of one) and you can do sound or no sound. Let me dig up the enabling instructions (since it’s been an age since I did it)


it’s not free (think it’s $60ish), but a lot of people in my company use snagit to record training videos on PC.


Here it is:

If you only want to save locally you don’t need the paid version - you can then upload those to where ever you want :slight_smile:

Example of a recording:

Example of recording a tiny bit of one program:


wow that looks like just the ticket!!!

I will have have to give that a test drive tonight!

thanks so much for the tip.


I use OBS Studio. The recording stuff with Windows doesn’t show when I click on menu items in programs, like if I’m trying to record Inkscape, and show where to find something in the menu, like Union-they can’t see it. OBS Studio is free and captures your entire screen, so drop down menus and whatnot aren’t an issue.


You can also use PowerPoint to create a video that you can narrate while you do your thing.
Insert → Screen Recording

Just another option if you have Office 365. You can save the video out to an MP4 format.


One more thing to check is that your video card software might have the option to screen record. For example, mine comes with Radeon Software, and has that option. It is normally used for live video game streaming, but I have used it to record desktop video before!


I will check on that. because I hope to do those recordings this week.


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I have an easy workaround, too.

Do you have a zoom account? (You can get a free one.)
Login by yourself. Share your screen and record the session.
Download the file.


wow, never considered that one. thanks!


Yes - it’s awesome! And you can choose to show yourself or share the screen at various times, etc. It’s like having an audience but then you can download and edit the video and remove the bloopers (at least that’s what I have had to do LOL)


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