Best Weeding Trick

I LOVE Proofgrade materials.
They are easy, reliable and come out incredible!
The only catch is that you have to weed the masking at the end.
(Yes, you could take the masking off before you laser, but that defeats one of the main benefits of the Proofgrade materials. That the final parts come out super clean)
Weeding could be quick or it could be tedious.
It all depends on how complicated the design is and how much patience you have.
If you find weeding to be a drag, I have the best solution for you!
Best Weeding Trick


  1. Have a child
  2. Show child that lasers are cool
    I always let him push the start button if he is around
  3. Teach child to weed laser-cut items

Result: Win at life!


Oh, now you’re just showing off! (Where can I get me one of those?) :smile:


Jules… I won’t be the one to answer the question… but I will say the wait time is about 25 - 33% of the wait time for a GF air filter… :wink:


I didn’t even have to show my kid how cool the laser is. They spent a year letting glue dry on their hands so they could peel it off. They’re excited to weed my projects for me! I know I had that kid for a reason! :-D:grin:



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Good way to teach them the value of working and earning money. I taught my kids with yard work. they grumbled at the time but now thank me…:grinning:


My toddler was pushing the glowy button all evening, but cannot yet be trusted not to eat masking. My day will come…


But mom, kids love glue and paper…:rofl:


I tried ordering one online but that hasn’t gone so well…


Awesome use of child labor!!! My kids had been helping me in my business since they were very little. It definitely brings home the work for your stuff…


That’s super cute! Can’t wait to teach our little one about laser cutting and all things making.

One thing to be aware of though – I’m not sure how safe some of the chemical/burn residue on the masking is? It certainly doesn’t smell good.

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