Best week of my life!


I got that email.

My guild in world of Warcraft got AOTC Gul’dan.

Got the final things left to be restored from the flood scheduled for next week to be done.

All healed up from broken rib.

Got some spring cleaning done and finally going to get old red back up and running soon.

I got that email.

I was asked to lead an Anime club at work.

My car got hit by hail again on Monday, and windshield got chipped. I found out I had zero deductible for it and was repaired Wednesday.

I am getting a sizeable tax overpayment back in which to buy supplies with.

And I got that email yeah baby!!!


Can we all get a “touch” from this man! :point_right:


Gee, if they know that just receiving the EMAIL would help make this the best week of your life, perhaps, they will send the actual GF to someone else who will be even more excited about THAT day.


I JUST realized your avatar is Animal. LOL!!!


A very good week :tada:


Now I just need to get regular status back… Time to get back to forum…


LOL – I think it is going to start being very difficult to keep up with all the posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve met Animal in real life!


Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you make!


lol, im im the same boat. I lost regular status a few weeks ago when work got crazy and i haven’t been able to get it back :frowning:


The list is long. Very long. I have tons of things people want from me that I haven’t been able to make because of the flood and winter. You guys will get lots of pics soon!


Congrats, man! Can you feel the electricity crackling in this place?


Keep on trucking


YES!! I’ve been in shock.


I’ve got to go read the manual, but I can’t tear myself away from the forum right now. I’m sure many more notifications must be very near.


Funny part is that as far as i can tell i meet all the requirements. The only one i can’t confirm in number of days visited.


Let the game of forum whack-a-mole begin! I can barely keep up.

Everyone, please stop posting for five minutes–I’ve gotta go to the bathroom.


awesome! You must be thrilled.
The way it’s looking, you’ll get yours before me. I assume that has to do with me ordering a pro version. For the time being I regret it but I’m sure won’t when I do get it.


Probably. But when it comes, do you want to come over that weekend?


Do I? You bet I do! If I knew you better I’d have invited my self :innocent: :joy: