Beta and shipment updates

Hi Everyone!

I just want to ask if there’s any updates from any of the beta users and also if there’s any updates on the shipment dates for the finalised machine? :slight_smile:

The Beta team is under NDA, so can’t talk about the progress at this time.

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The current word on shipment dates is that those who ordered before the end of the crowdfunding period will receive their machines by June 30 and the rest by October something.

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It appears that a wide cross-section of the community has ordered a GF. Having beta testers adhere to an NDA seems, IMHO, limiting. Having the testers’ GF experiences described allows all the stakeholders to comment, offer suggestions, posit work-arounds etc. Additionally, it gives those of us eagerly awaiting the delivery of our very own GFs a good sense of the development the beta units need and a handle on when we may expect to see the full release versions shipped.

I agree with you. Even if there is a NDA involved, perhaps maybe the official staff from GF could give us timely updates on some of the developments from beta users to give the stakeholders, a glimpse into other potentials of the machine. Just an opinion though, still super psyched to receive the machine! :smiley:

This sounds very much like you have a beta unit O_o

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I agree with you in spirit, but in practice a tightly knit NDA is really the only option in this case. Glowforge is a new product, and like all products (especially new ones), there will be issues. An NDA is limiting, but necessary. There is very little possible good to come out of fully disclosing the progress of the closed beta program to the ‘stakeholders’. Yes, there is the chance for knowledgeable customers to chime in on problems that have arisen, but is that worth the doomsaying that would inevitably crop up, even among the smallest of problems? I’d much rather have GF staff actually working on their product, than having to explain to the flood of upset tweets and forum posts how they are addressing each issue. If the closed beta continues longer than we are comfortable, we can pull our “funding”, it’s as simple as that.


Lets talk about what a Beta program is.
In this case, It is a program put in place to test Hardware, Software or both.
It’s purpose is to provide feedback to the builder about the functions of said property. Run tests, Prints, Materials, software functions and so on.
At this time, both the hardware and software are NOT in it’s final stages, so many of the functions that the testers are testing can and will change often. Some of the functions that are tested might not make it into the final rev. Some non beta test features will be in the final rev.
It would be better for a tester to NOT talk about any features than to talk about one that did not make it into final and then spend months trying to back pedal.

A NDA is put in place to keep the testers from talking about the testing because nothing is final until it’s final.

When the time is right, @dan will bring everyone up to speed on the progress. And when that happens, everyone will be happy.


[quote=“spike, post:8, topic:1398, full:true”]…everyone will be happy.

d’awww… @spike is softening up! Normally you call me out on being too optimistic about other people’s cheery disposition and general good will :wink:

Gentle ribbing of a fellow forum member aside, @spike is spot on here. Do a risk-rewards analysis of the situation, and it is pretty clear that the best choice for Glowforge is a tight NDA. Sucks for the rest of us who would love any source of added information, true.

But leaving those of us already committed to the project slightly bummed is far better than providing fuel to the myriad haters out in reddit or other communities who would jump on any minor issue and blow it way out of proportion, driving away potential future buyers, and possibly building momentum enough to start making even the members of this community wonder if they should be concerned.




I’m fine with a NDA. I just hope all of the kinks and bugs get knocked out quickly and thoroughly so we can get the GF soon. I won’t bother them so work can get done quicker. :smiley:

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I ordered Glowforge for implementing a new service in one of our retail stores, I’d love to hear an official date range too.

Currently our personalisation service is supported by a vintage leather emboss machine, a Gravograph engraving machine, a heat press machine and a button making machine. Adding Glowforge to have laser capability is a huge leap forward for us, I’ve even planned a space just for the machine, hope we can hear some good news soon.


Wow! where are you based at? I would definitely love to visit your space someday! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: We are in Hong Kong:
The simulation you see above is our new location to be implemented in the middle of 2016 (Glowforge probably can’t catch up with this). If you are interested, I can share photos of how it looks with our current other machines.

You may want to cover up the backside (side facing the customer) - it won’t be THAT clean, the power cord will be exposed, etc. Like the idea of the top being at the same level as the counter surface. I’m in HK from time to time, will come by next time I’m there!

Sure!!! share some photos! :slight_smile: I’m based in Singapore. I have a small studio too. If I ever drop by HK I will definitely drop-by! :slight_smile: My name is Jonathan by the way, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Yes I considered that, thanks for the input. I think the back has a venting hole or in my case when air filter is used, the sight won’t be good. Instead of putting a barrier like other machines, I will use on-site solution once I receive the machine, did left some room on that table top. Do pay us a visit at Harbour City when you are in Hong Kong, drop me a line if you want.

Nice portfolio Jonathan, here you go the photos, hope other guys don’t mind. If you drop by HK please let me know.


Thank you very much:)

Very interesting concept you have their! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. I wonder if I am the only person on this forum who does not want the delivery of this thing rushed?

Been there, done that on a much smaller scale on other forums, and there is nothing in the world worse than rushing out something before it has been thoroughly tested, re-tested, fixed, tested again for the new problems created by the last fix, and tested again.

Because one thing that end users will do, every single time, is come up with something that you haven’t accounted for.

And I’d rather have a machine that works when it arrives. With this many users, Glowforge would be insane to release it before it was thoroughly and completely vetted. Keeping the sausage-making details under wraps is smart on their part, because nervous buyers can panic all too easily. (We saw it with every inadequately tested software upgrade…not pretty.)

But having said that, it’s important to keep the buyers aware of progress being made (or not being made) on a general level. Maybe a monthly status update wouldn’t be a bad idea. Let them know as soon as possible if there are going to be delays - just be up front about it. Most people are going to understand. Some are going to panic and cancel their orders. They’re likely to be the ones who would have pulled out for one reason or another anyway.

(Just my personal take on it. I can’t imagine trying to hit a release this large.) :open_mouth: