Beta new trial questions

was wondering if there was a beta forum? i notice that some of the trial features come and go at times which is fine i just wish i had a better idea when and what changes were being made for example. the feature allowing you outline objects is missing today. is it gone for a little while or forever? i like that feature a lot and would like it back asap. TIA

You’re on it. The official discussion is here.

Beta features can come and go at any time (as you have discovered), and their performance is not guaranteed.


HA! I just refreshed and it is not gone, they moved it to the flip pop up. Yes, they are always experimenting. Someone will like this new place and someone will hate it.


thanks for the heads up! just found it lol sneaky creators keeping us on our toes!


I’m sorry for the confusion and am glad you found it!

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