Beta passthrough not working

Hi. So Ive had beta passthrough for a month or so now and have used it successfully 1x. Tonight I tried to do a cut and ended up wasting 2 good pieces of wood as it gave me error messages after the first cut. It allowed me to align manually but that wasn’t so successful. After the second cut it did the same thing and saying print unsuccessful. Then it shows up in my design library as PRO PASSTHROUGH REMAINDER. How do I narrow down what the issue is? Any help is much appreciated!

Hi! If I understand correctly, you will need to post your issue in the thread for the beta test. Regular support will not be able to assist you.


Thank you

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I’m so sorry for the trouble. The team is investigating an issue that’s currently affecting the Pro Passthrough software beta feature for all users. Due to this issue, prints will fail after the first section is printed, similar to the behavior you’ve described.

I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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