Beta Project 2_JM - Ornament



These ornaments have 5 half moon shapes and puzzle together at the core. For this project 3 of the 5 have star cut outs the other 2 a Christmas carol verse.

The two ‘slices’ through the text are actual laser slices but it only happened on one of the two pieces which seemed strange. Also realized I should have ganged the etch pieces closer together … it took 14+ minutes in the unit, had I set it up correctly time would have been significantly less!


This is great!! It’s making me so excited for Christmas with a glowforge!!


Squeeeeeeeeee! :grin:


:santa:I feel like i’m more close to christmas now, this is wonderful. :grin:


Simple and beautiful, love it!


Looks like it is going to be a Merry Christmas at your house this year. Beautiful work.:thumbsup:


Great idea!
Thank you for feeding us out here in laser-less land.


Awesome Projects!

I should be working right now and crunch numbers… but I am day-dreaming about what I can do with the Glowforge!

Thanks for sharing! I cannot wait until we all get ours and share projects like these!!!



Very nice! Thank you for sharing.


Welcome @martinell.jan to the forum. Thanks for sharing!


Love your creations! Thanks for sharing!


Very creative. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:


I will be making so many ornaments for friends and family. Love the design. Glad to have you on the forum and excited to see what else you come up with! :smiley:


Jan, your work is gorgeous!


:slight_smile: Thanks!


Very nice !! I wonder how colored acrylic would look ( or that glitter acrylic )… Or even the pattern like that (out of wood) but make the stars acrylic inlays (colored)…