Beta Project 5_JM - Kiddo Coasters



The concept seemed simple … create coasters with a 1/4" ring, an 1/8" etched top plate, and a bottom plate with crayon pieces melted between the two plates. What I got was a microwaved mess!

and I didn’t fair much better with paint but at this point I was all in and something was going to work!

I recut the back plates in colored acrylic and am now pretty pleased with the results :slight_smile:


Wow. I’m going to have to make sure my kids don’t see this forum. They’d be soooo jealous!


Sometimes trial and error is the best way to make it right. Love your finished product.


These are great looking. @martinell.jan, can I ask if these are already glued? If so, what did you use. They look perfect. So jealous. I’m preparing though, just spent $250 on acrylic on the Inventables site. Still have to pick up acrylic adhesive.

I know there have been some good discussions I can search on the forum, but any tip on what you used would be a good start.


Very nice - although from what I can see of the crayon ones - they look kind of interesting, The final ones really stand out however - nice job.


It ultimately came out great! I wonder if melting the crayon on the stove,
then pouring it in to your etch would’ve fared better. I like the idea, and
it could definitely lend itself to some cool stuff.


The best glue for acrylic is a solvent type, our general go to is rez-n-bond

if you are looking for really clear joints you need a perfect fit and will be better off using this

its is the same thing with Acetic acid in it, I think is slows the evaporation. We use little bottles with needles on them for application or a syringe. There is also Weld-On 16 that is still solvent based but is thicken with acrylic, but it is generally too messy for us.
From the label on the first one it goes without saying this stuff is pretty bad for you so be careful!!!

And the coasters look great!


Very cool. I like using the colored acrylic. Really makes the etching pop.


Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


FWIW, in my experience modern crayons tend to have a lot of gup in them that makes them finicky (politely speaking) for melting. Maybe if you just put the solvent over them…


Awesome-sauce! :smiley:


Very nice!
Great share, including the results of the crayon rabbit hole.
Fearless experimenting! That’s the spirit!


Glad someone had a great answer for you cause mine was not great :wink: I picked based on a 40% off coupon and the words dries crystal clear … not very scientific but on a side note I didn’t actually have to glue these they just clicked into place!


Those look great! I hope they offer colored acrylic in the Proofgrade line!


Maybe instead of melted crayon between the layers, it might look cool to just use an exacto knife and shave some pieces off the crayons into the space between before gluing? Well, gees…just now read that you didn’t need to use any glue at all to fasten the pieces together, so don’t know if my idea would work. Ah well…


After seeing these and also your gift tags Beta Project 1_JM - Gift Tags made of acrylic, I am very excited and inspired even more to work with some acrylic. I am just picturing some glorious engraved acrylic Christmas ornaments…perhaps some of them two layers with something gorgeous sandwiched in the middle. Thank you so much for making all these treats for us.


That would be really pretty! The acrylic pieces are so crystal clear and shiny with the engraving they sparkle. I’m certain they would make quite and addition to a tree filled with lights. Glad you are enjoying the pictures!


That’s what makes me go “squeeeeee!” Sorry @Jules


Perfectly all right with me…plenty of “squeee” to go around, and I’m hoping we see a serious squee uptick as the time grows near! :wink:


@Jules needs to start using Squeeeee!™