Beta Project: First scan



My older daughter has a fascination with kuchikopi and since it was a fairly simple character to draw we used it for our first scan and cut test.


Nice job, and very good draw :slight_smile:


Awesome-sauce! (That’s really cute artwork too! I don’t draw that well.) :smiley:

(More and more beta projects showing up daily…I’m a happy little camper!)


Love it! :smiley: Well done.




You can´t be worse than @dan hahaha just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but if Dan would have the best skills in drawing, perhaps he would been an artist and would had never invented the Glowforge :wink:, so I’m glad. :slight_smile:


Oh yes…I can. :smile:


Yes! nicely done!


Great! Someone will be having lots more fun very soon.


Super cute! (I’m a big fan of super cute!)


If that is the first cut, sorry I’m not familiar with that character, based on the condition of the honeycomb, the beta forges must see a lot of pre-delivery testing.

I’m not opposed as I think trucks should come with a pre-dented bed just to remind their owners it’s a truck and is meant to be used as such.


I wouldn’t mind at all if the general release forges come with some bed charring too… hope they manage to squeak in a test or two to see that they are all hunky-dory before shipping. :slight_smile:


If they test cut, as opposed to just firing it up or cutting something that doesn’t char, they’ll probably use a sacrificial honeycomb. Keeps the complaints about them shipping “used” glowforges to a minimum.


I’ve had a couple 3D printers with the test print still on the bed when delivered and a devil of a time getting it off…

I wonder if, just for amusement, they could include a little report card from final testing with the power numbers and so forth.


Kind of freaks people out when they see me do it, but I use a watchmaker’s hammer ($5 at ) and give 'em a good whack from the side. For flat prints, I use a 2" putty knife with said hammer. YMMV :wink:


Hammer, world, nails?