Beta project: Harry Potter Cosplay: Bellatrix Lestrange accessory



First Christmas gift made with the Glowforge is for a friend who cosplay’s Bellatrix Lestrange. This is the sign she holds in her prison picture. All the Azkaban prisoners have a unique sign and this is hers. The cut through letters would be rather difficult to do by hand and the Glowforge made it simple. I have the front layer and the back as blank templates I could make and paint to be any characters sign. This one was cut out of plywood and painted by hand.

On review it needs more texture.


That is intense and amazing. You’re going to make a lot of people want to be your friend. :slight_smile:


thats great! My oldest daughter would really dig this. I’d love to see your friend in her complete cosplay :slight_smile:


I might need a similar one for my black labrador, Sirius Black.


I can highly recommend hpmor (Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality). It’s a fanfic where he was raised by a loving aunt Petunia and her husband an Oxford professor.


Oh my gosh! That looks like you stole it from the props department of the Harry Potter movies. Your friend must be very happy. - Rich


NO WAY!!! That’s AWESOME! Never thought about making anything like this. That looks so cool! Can’t wait to start making my own movie memorabilia. “Glowforge, Come quickly!!! I NEED YOU!”


Happy cake day to you. It’s my cake day too😉


Thanks :slight_smile: