Beta Project: Inevitable Betrayal! ;)

I’m working on replacement character cards for my copy of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. The ones that come with the game are kind of unfortunate and I wanted something more like a cribbage board. I think they look pretty good in clear. I have 6 left to finish.


I love this game. Please post the design!


Sure. Soon as I finish the other six.


Alright, they’re all done now. I am quite happy how they came out overall. No idea how to share my work :slight_smile:


I’m not familiar with the game, but I think it’s awesome that you’ve made an accessory for it! Nice work!

Are the images of the faces original? If not, you might want to hold off on redistributing these designs because doing so could be an infringement of copyright.

I am not a lawyer.

Would it be possible to create one of those digital+scan templates like those that were made for the Maker Faires? (I guess I should tag @dan here since asking beta testers questions about how Glowforges work is against the rules.)

The template would have the pin holes and the stats (name, age, might, birthday, etc.) for each charactor/player and glowfolk who own the game could scan (or download) the artwork and incorporate it themselves.

Of course, this would mean more work for the next person, but it might be enough to skirt copyright laws.

A couple other workarounds I can think of…

  • Maybe those images are on cards or something in the original game? If so, perhaps something can be added to the design so that the original cards could be attached to the acrylic somehow.

  • A circular pocket could be engraved into the character card and glowfolk could scan and print the artwork with a computer printer and then cut it out (with the laser?) and glue it into the pocket.

  • Find someone who would make some original artwork.

  • Get permission from the game maker (I dunno, this seems like it might be possible).

  • Figure out whether this somehow qualifies as “fair use”. Contrary to popular belief, it’s my understanding that you can “copy” another person’s work if you change it “enough” to be a “new work”. My guess is that the current design wouldn’t count, assuming those faces aren’t already original works.

Here’s a topical episode of Planet Money (from NPR) that might be an interesting listen…


Awesome project! From the title, I thought this was going to be dinosaurs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nicely done! The one time I played the game those stat trackers were ridiculous!


Those turned out really cool! :slight_smile:


Making some kind of replacement for the useless markers that come with the game was one of my first planned projects, but I like your solution even better. These turned out great.


These are amazing! We have this game and every time we play, I’m always frustrated at the slide markers on the character cards. This is a much nicer (and nicer looking) solution!


I’m a lurker on these forums, as I still haven’t received my GF, but the title of this thread caught my eye (and no wonder)…

Imagine my surprise when I opened it up to see these creative character cards as I’m a lead game designer on Widow’s Walk, the new expansion for Betrayal!

Nice work! (Just don’t resell these, or Avalon Hill will have something to say about it…) :wink:


Oh hai! :slight_smile:

I have no intention of selling these, they are just for my personal set I just plan on tricking out my set one piece at a time. I work at a board game store in Redmond and dealing with the stock character cards made me come up with a replacement. Since we sell cribbage pegs I came up with this. I’ve since replaced the turn counter as well though I may paint it.

I gotta say, good work on the expansion. We play Betrayal a lot at game nights and it is one of my favorites to show to customers overall. I bought my copy as soon as it was available.


Thank you!

I’ll mirror what others have said… I love the game. But using the attribute sliders destroy the cards. And it doesn’t take that long to do it, really. THIS IS COOL.

Personally I think I’d invert the faces on acrylic. But that’s just me.