Beta Project: Kids Craft Station Media Tray

I really, really want to though…


My day job has been Glowforge centric. Now that we have been told that the Pre-Release units must go back to the factory and that we won’t have the option to purchase them, looks like it’s rapidly moving toward being a hobby :disappointed_relieved:


You mean until your forever unit arrives?

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Aww man, it seems like y’all should be able to have them until your foreverforge arrives :frowning:

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Actually no. The Pre-Release instills a sense of responsibility to investigate and provide feedback to the company. In doing so also feel it’s beneficial to be here everyday and give info back to the forum. The Production Unit is something I paid for and becomes my time. Will probably still be supporting the forum more than most but not this much.


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Haven’t lost it yet but at least one of us was asked to send it back the day their Email arrived.

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I think when my forever arrives I will still post (albeit there will be so many folks posting I won’t be doing as many “hey can you try” requests) since as a maker-educator I’d being doing this anyway at work…


I read once that creative people tend to be rather nest-like in their storage methods.
(That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.) :slightly_smiling_face:


I get that you feel a sense of responsibility and it will be a bit of a burden lifted. I would hope that you can start to relax now that so many new people are showing their projects.

I really do appreciate what you and the others have done. No kidding. Thank you. I know I’ll be starting to share soon, but don’t and won’t have the “must help GF and others” burden on my shoulders.

I hope you get to start having fun with your unit soon. All of you earned that.


Thanks. Never considered it a burden, any more than making the wife breakfast is a burden. Just something that a decent person would want or should do. Now if she moved out for some reason like the Pre-Release, I probably will just make breakfast on my own schedule and it won’t be waffles.


So that’s the routine? I must have missed a PRU getting the email on shipping.

I haz a sad all of a sudden. My PRU’s served me well. Not perfect, but perfect for me! Right now I’m doing a 3 hour cut/engrave of 45 tokens to be given out at my brother’s anniversary party on Saturday. That’s just one side. Figure I’d do at least 90. Have to have scarcity to make them valuable.


I think that will come as our units get made. I didn’t get one either, but can’t imagine they would recall before our replacements are ready.


I’m a worry-wort, so I’ve imagined it, but choose to hope otherwise!

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Haha, dream on.