Beta Project: Leather link bracelet



I have been working on a “System” for leather jewelry.
It started when I was looking at some link v-belting (like this stuff and thinking about making something similar with leather.

These are basically just a bunch of experiments that did not work, but which show off the power of rapid prototyping! Total time from first drawing to my initial success was about 3 hours over two evenings. Fail early, fail often…

Attempt 1: Fail. Too big overall, and the tabs it just fell apart if twisted.

Attempt 2: Fail. Tabs slipped out of slots. Size was better though.

Attempt 3: Fail. Way too small, and what I hoped would be fringes just burned up.

Attempt 4: Fail. I tried the thicker 5 Oz. leather and I could not get the tabs into the holes even when I got it wet and stretched them. Fringes were just stupid looking. :slight_smile:

There were a few more failures along the way until I got something that starts to work.

I made the holes round and much smaller, and the tabs are now kind of like arrow heads.
They can be put together or taken apart, but they don’t come out without some effort.

Here is my reluctant hand model who just wanted to get back to watching Black Mirror.

Now I need to look into leather dyes!


Nice work! Very cool to have prototyping ability like that to finally create a working idea. :slight_smile:
Now you got me thinking of a few iterations on that idea! :wink:


i’m thinking mixed media… can you do leather tabs to hold wood rings…


Not too shabby, but I think I like @Rita "s idea better.


I think with some stop motion camera work the attempt 4 ones could star in a creature feature.


I like the concept, and I like seeing the failures even better. :slight_smile:

(I generally plan on at least a 7 to 1 ratio of screw-ups to success.)

(Been here ten months and just realized I could delete posts as well as edit them. Sorry Josh!)


Thank you for sharing the failures along the way. It was neat to see how the each successive trial went and your thoughts about them. :clap::clap: - Rich


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Apologies. I know you are not surprised I was involved. I will delete my rambling…

Thank you Josh for sharing the idea. Good example of trial and error to achieve the desired end.


No need to delete it!
I was just giving y’all a hard time. :smile:


attempt #4 was not a fail. You just didn’t know what you were making…


I think they are cute.


hahahahaha they look like gorons


Bwahahaha! Spew!


This was literally the first thing I thought of as well! Legend of Zelda for the win!




Very interesting idea, assembly and post !! Would that first iteration have worked better if the circle (cut in the middle of the slot) was moved to the end - where the other piece mid section end up. Or what if you mad a perpendicular thin slot at the end so the piece would lie “flatter” ( like a small headed T rather than the slot with a circle) ?


It is interesting how you ended up with something similar to the Rockler link belt, but prettier. - Rich