Beta project: maryellen's "Hello World"



Hi all. I too have followed the manual to make a ‘Hello World’ trace.

The Manual

Please welcome our latest public beta user. :slight_smile: Nice work!


Welcome @maryellen! Thank you for dropping in. :grinning: We r-e-a-lly look forward to the projects that @dan lets you share with us.


Welcome @maryellen. Enjoy the journey! :blush:


Wahoooo, another beta! Be sure and let us know what your interests are that the Glowforge will help with (leather? Box making? Jewelry?). Oh, and welcome!


Welcome and GO GO GO !


Yippee! We got another public betta! :grinning:

Trace looks good! :slight_smile:


Welcome @maryellen. Great to see another Beta User. Can’t wait to see what you create.


Well that was fast.

Congrats @Maryellen. I look forward to your projects.


The world says hello back @maryellen I can’t wait to see what you make!

Hey @dan how come it is still so lonely in here?


A Manual?


Nice catch! :wink:


Might only mean a piece of paper, a quickstart, a folder on a CD, an online wiki.


I think I just answered my own question:

I just watched your slide show; gorgeous work–I like your style @maryellen!


I noticed that too. It seems the title “Beta User” is being given without the badge.


print "Hello @maryellen" end

Sharpie and a piece of acrylic? Then, pick cut lines and engrave marks?

Thanks for taking this on and I look forward to seeing more your work!


Greetings @maryellen!
Gratitude for your contributions along our journey :sunglasses:
Nice example of engrave and cut using the trace feature!


My guess is this post was moved/copied from another section of the forum. And those rights are different than what’s used here (most likely a different class that we can’t see.) Hence why they don’t have the ‘Beta User’ flag here. All above could be completely wrong. Just a guess.

Nice to see more beta users.


Welcome to :blush: the Glowforge family. I love to see all of the cool things you guys are doing. I have learned something from you already. Keep up the great work.


Yay! Hello and welcome, @maryellen. Delighted to see you here and look forward to what you will make.